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1979/81 Fender Precision - alles original, unglaublicher Zustand!

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Up for sale is my original '79/'81 Fender Precision Bass. Some people call it an 81 because the pots are marked 81 and the pickups are marked 80. However, my local guitar shop and luthier told me that you should always go by the serial number. Anyway, you can form your own opinion because all the evidence is clearly visible as I have attached photos of everything.

For 44 years, this bass is in incredible condition - I think it's impossible to find a bass in better condition! As can be seen in the photos, there are some very light and superficial stains in the paintwork - however, they are almost invisible unless you specifically look for them under the right light. The only real imperfection is that a small piece of the paint has come off next to the screw hole for the bridge cover - see the last photo in my Google Photos album - link below.

The bass is not only original but also works perfectly, including the truss rod.

Importantly, the bass is completely original and the neck was made by the renowned John Torres.

The bass comes with a Fender hardshell case, which is also in very good condition - although I'm not sure if this case is the original...

I can only upload 10 photos here, so please visit my Google Photos album here to see more photos, including the bottoms of the pickups and the potentiometers:

I ship within Europe via a trackable and fully insured service so you don't have to worry. The bass comes with a brand new ABS hard case! The case will be shipped in a sturdy shipping box with sufficient packaging to ensure it reaches its new owner safely.


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