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€ 3.200,00
Dingwall Leland Sklar

Dingwall Leland Sklar Verkauft

Wie neu !

Chrishi gefällt das.
Year : early 2015, bought new in february 2016
Northern Ash/Alder dual density body
Chrome Blue custom finish
5 pc maple neck with wenge fingerboard and matching headstock.
24 Mandolin frets
Super-Fatty pickups (only for Lee Sklar signature)
Glockenklang 3-band EQ - active/passive - (the treble control operates as a passive tone in passive mode)
Rotary switch - Bridge, Pickups in parallel, Neck, Pickups in Series.
Black Custom Bridge
Magnetic battery compartment cover
Hipshot tuners with extender key on B string
Weight - 4.4kg
Gig bag Dingwall

Finish slightly "speckled" on the lower horn (see photo). This is almost invisible. It was like that when I received it. Otherway, there is not the slightest scratch.

I sell it only because I found the same in the color I wanted.

Price: 3200 Euros / 3500 Swiss francs. Possible to send it. I'm in Switzerland, so you will have to pay taxes if you live in Germany/Austria (approx. 200 euros).

Exchange only for a 6 strings Dingwall.
Angaben zum Versand:
Freiburg, Switzerland


    1. bertrand
      Danke! I found a new one in Black Cherry, and that's going better with me (I play more Metallica than Tower of Power...). But that's a great great bass...
    2. 5Bässer
      nice, I have the same on here in dark blue (from a friend of mine), for comparisons with my Vigier Passion,
      have not decided if I want to buy a Dingwall.
      I like your color very much...