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€ 745,00
Fender American Standard Dimension V - verkauft

Fender American Standard Dimension V - verkauft Verkauft

Fender American Standard Dimension V neuwertig mit allem Zubehör

Fender American Standard Dimension V

neuwertiger Zustand

Body: Alder

incl. Case Candy ungeöffnet

Original Koffer und Gurt

Gewicht. ca. 4,2 kg

745 € (+ ggf. Versand)

!! reserviert bis Ende August !!

Standort: Stuttgart

Übergabe nach Absprache auch in München möglich

es handelt sich im Prinzip um dieses Modell:


American-made Fender V for the modern bassist.

For the pro bassist, Dimension basses present the modern pinnacle of Fender style, power, performance and personality. With an original body style, powerful pickups and electronics, and other fine features, they let you sculpt your tone with unparalleled bass artistry. The U.S.-made American Standard Dimension Bass V HH is a phenomenal five-string instrument, delivering an elegant modern look and remarkable tonal versatility with any degree of muscle and finesse. From its natural-feeling asymmetrical neck profile to its powerhouse humbucking pickups, compound-radius fingerboard and much more, its a remarkable new Dimension in Fender bass.

An American Standard instrument is instilled with the spirit of the legends whove shaped it, yet it gives you the freedom to carve your own legacy. And with more than 100 steps invested into creating each instrument, the American Standard is handcrafted with Fender's legacy in mind. This is it“the handmade American classic.

Modern neck and fingerboard
The necks especially comfortable asymmetrical profile and hand-rubbed oil finish on the back make for a remarkably comfortable fretting-hand feel. The fingerboard has medium jumbo frets and a compound radius”a sophisticated playing feature in which the more pronounced curvature near the nut gradually flattens to a very slight curvature toward the upper frets.

Fender HMV bridge
American Standard bass guitars feature Fender High Mass Vintage (HMV) bridges that combine stylishly classic looks with superior modern intonation, sustain and adjustability for pro-level tone and performance. Versatile design accommodates player preference for top-load or through-body string attachment.

Dimension Humbucking Pickups
American Standard Dimension basses feature specially designed humbucking pickups that produce a powerful and dynamic modern experience in pro-level Fender bass tone and performance.

Polyurethane Finish with Thinner Undercoat
This finish offers the superior look and durability of polyurethane, applied to a thinner undercoat that lets the instruments body wood flex, breathe and resonate more freely for a more unconstrained and natural-sounding voice.

Graphite Neck Support Rods
To keep the neck straight and true with even greater reinforcement, American Standard basses feature graphite neck support rods in addition to the truss rod that distribute string tension more evenly and add mass that helps eliminate troublesome dead spots.

Fender œF Vintage-Style Tuners with œPaddle Keys and Tapered Posts
American Standard basses feature smooth-operating vintage-style tuners with thin, flat œpaddle keys and stamped with the classic stylized Fender œF. Tapered posts help anchor bass strings in place neatly and efficiently.
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