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€ 1.300,00
Fender AVRI '63 Precision S.red RESERVIERT/ON HOLD

Fender AVRI '63 Precision S.red RESERVIERT/ON HOLD Verkauft

Fender AVRI '63 Precision S.red

Bassmanische Beutelratte gefällt das.
Up for sale, my Fender AVRI '63 in simiole red
I got this from a NY session player, so he shipped me the bass from the USA when there wherent much of the new AVRI basses around I think this was in 2013.
I bought it when I heard a few recordings he did with this bass.
I am a big big precision bass fan I have owned many many of them from the first series of Squier to CS Pino Palladino to 60's originals, this one being one of the best P's I owned hence I kept it so long.
In fact I own a real '62 still that is a very close copy to this bass that goes as far as sound and feel, but I don't play that much to need a Back-up, so thats why t is up for sale now.
I made a small recording of the bass, it's strung with thomastik's
so anyone could have an idea of the sound, it's a true Pino vibe bass!

Bass comes with it's original case pickup covers but the finger rest is missing I believe.
Weighs around 4kg or slightly less.
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    1. energy
      Beautiful bass, huge tone.


      Is that you singing in the sound cloud clip? Good job!
      1. BramS
        No not me;-) I just played over a track I liked the chord changes of.. The guy singing is called Bo Saris.

        Hats off to your avatar I have a '62 precision with a '66 B18N so we can be mates
        18. November 2016