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€ 600,00
FS: Yamaha BB1500A natural, Bartolini preamp upgrade incl original hardcase!

FS: Yamaha BB1500A natural, Bartolini preamp upgrade incl original hardcase! Verkaufe

Very groovy jazztype bass with organic sound, silent with excellent playability (The Netherlands).

Hello international bassfriends! My name is Bouwe/ Dr Teng. My German is not impeccable, so I'll keep it in English. A friend of mine told me about this forum, so here we go. Thanks for having me.

FS: Excellent Yamaha bass, late nineties Japan, often sought by enthusiasts. It's a BB1500A, natural two-piece ash body. Rosewood fretboard. Excellently put together, slick feel of the neck. Fits great in the pocket, 4-bolt design. Yamaha's short response to a bolt-on jazz bass. It's just an excellent player, great punch, cut-through and due to the sweepable midrange of the upgraded Bartolini preamp it is even more flexible and it's what lifts the bass to even a higher level imho. Not to mention the organic warmth that's increased due to the upgrade. Hardly any noise live and its just lovely to play. Suitable for Motown to Rock, from jazz to funk.

Also take a look at the original hardcase. It's quality from top to bottom. You will not regret buying it. As a starter, you couldn't be happier and as an experienced player it's great as backup. Although I know a friend that kept this bass as his main axe. The Japanese are very precise and Yamaha as itself a very thorough company, known for their quality control.

- Punchy, organic, very flexible soundwise , great looking bass.
- Bartolini preamp upgrade (250 euro's) with sweepable midrange
- Hardware good shape
- Excellent quality
- Only slight wear and tear

Selling because due to my personal and professional life, I hardly have time to play bass anymore. Feel free to ask me about it by mail/ PM.

Selling for 600,- (Taking the Bartolini preamp upgrade and OHSC into account).

Will be well-packaged when sent internationally (DE, AU).
WhatsApp call/ Skype before buy preferred.

Cheers! Bouwe
Angaben zum Versand:
In OHSC, wrapped in cardboard via GLS.
The Netherlands, Beetsterzwaag


    1. Heisterbass74
      Awesome Bass. Unbelievable!
      DrTeng is a great member. Every time again!
      1. DrTeng gefällt das.
    2. DrTeng
      Signed Sealed and will be Delivered. Thanks, enjoy it Jens!
    3. DrTeng
      We have a winner, so from now on reserved!
    4. DrTeng
      Thanks! I absolutely agree, this one is from Japan. The original. Personally, the natural looks a bit more classy. The woodgrain can only be judged fully when you got it in your own hands. Great bass, come and pick it up boys and girls!
    5. maprie
      I have one of those, and I love it! Feels great, sounds great, and cuts through the mix very well even in my hard rock band. Highly recommended :great: If this was the red version, I'd take it on the spot.
      Mine wasn't made in Japan but in Taiwan (it should say where it was made in the decal on the rear side near the lower strap pin). That doesn't take away any of the quality though :-)
      Good luck!
      1. DrTeng gefällt das.
    6. DrTeng
      Good question. No, it is active only. Personally, I didn't like active basses a lot because of the affected sound (what a preamp always does naturally). It sounds open with the Bartolini preamp and not artificial at all. It doesn't take a lot of current.
    7. Heisterbass74
      Is it possible to change between active and passive modus?
      Best regards, Jens
      1. DrTeng gefällt das.
    8. DrTeng
      Thank you for your nice comment. It surpasses many originals (not going to talk down the other brand) and it's a blast to play.
    9. HaveBlue
      Very nice piece of kit :great: Had my hands on a Japan-built wine-red BB1500A once: even with the stock preamp it's up there with every US made Fender Jazz bass I ever played. The BB's popularity is fully justified: great instruments and great value. GLWTS.
      1. DrTeng gefällt das.