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€ 650,00
Greco PB-750N

Greco PB-750N Verkaufe

1970s Greco PB-750N made in Japan

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Greco PB-750N, made in Matsumoku, Japan, in the 1970's.

Brialliant and quite rare bass, lots of sounds available - the P pickup is super deep and smooth, the bridge humbucker tends to sound alot like a 70s jazz bass - crispy and snappy (think Jaco), the blend between the both is deep with enough definition and fits perfect in a band setting. Here is a video that can give you a general idea of the sounding of this model:

All original with the exception of the switch and the input jack, everything works and action can be set quite low. Neck is 40mm at the nut, with a deep profile. The bass is on the heavy side at a little over 5kg. Has a lot of nicks from 40 yeara of use, but nothing too bad - can be seen in the detailed photos -

The price includes shipping to EU, for other countries - please ask. If you prefer shipping in a hardcase, I can provide a 70s Japanese case for additional 35 EUR.
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      very attractive in sound and looks. good luck!
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