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LeFay Pangton 5 Fretless

LeFay Pangton 5 Fretless Verkauft

Best Fretless ever

Up for sale, my beloved LeFay pangton 5. By far the best Fretless I've ever played and owned. But I don't play fretless that much anymore and would like to replace it with a nice fretted 5 string.

This beauty has been build back in 1991 and is a true master piece. The attention to detail is fabulous. The body and headstock are made out of Wenge, the neck out of Padouk and the fretboard, pickup covers and rings are made out of Ebony. The pots are 2 volume and one low pass filter (like Alembic). Giving the option to go from nice and bright to warm and dark.

I'm the 3rd owner of this bass (history available) and it is in a very good condition. Only nick is that one of the 2 strap buttons at the bridge is broken (see Pictures) From the front you don't see it. From a playing perspective is the lower strap button the one to use anyway. Balances perfectly!

These basses, with headstock, come up very rarely. Use the opportunety (before I change my mind).

The bass is located in Venlo, Netherlands (30 minutes from Dusseldorf). Shipping is also no problem at all (no case included).

For a trade, potentially mit werdausgleich, I'm interested in 5 strings and fretted only. Brands I seem to like: LeFay, Pedulla, Alembic, Musicman (special finishes), Ken Smith, Zon.. or something else interesting.

In a cash sale the price can be negotiated a bit.

Looking forward to hear form you!

(I read and speak German.. writing is something else)
Angaben zum Versand:
Netherlands (30 minutes from Dusseldorf. 60 minutes from Koln)


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