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Mørch fretless 4

Mørch fretless 4 Verkaufe

The perfect fretless!

deeptone gefällt das.
Up for grabs is my old custom Mørch fretless built by master luthier Johnny Mørch in Denmark.

It is by far the best fretless I have ever played.. And I have owned Celinders, Pedullas, F-Basses etc..

This bass was build as a refinement of the classic Fender J recipe. Light and resonant alder body, rock solid maple neck, passive electronics with a larger control cavity in case you want to put in active electronics or piezo. We settled on a gorgeous piece of old growth Elm for fingerboard and ramp. The board is coated and has a beautiful sustain.
The single dual coil pickup in Ebony housing delivers a warm and blossoming tone and located right in the 60's J sweet spot. I chose one pickup as i seem to prefer that when playing fretless. So keeping it simple.
The body has been finished in a thin layer of nitro and is now crackling up. I was told that was normal by Johnny. I guess thats up to personal taste if that look works for you. You dont notice it until youre up close.
The bass also have a chip in the fingerboard coating - it doesn't interfere in playability its purely cosmetic and I believe an easy fix.

Only selling as I need to thin out a little bit (gonna be a dad in spring!) and i need a fretted working horse - so trades are welcomed. Traditional Fender J and P's .. Or other high end stuff. Or or or.. Maybe a nice hollowbody.

Located in Denmark.

Sound sample(recorded via DI->Focusrite Scarlett->Logic, Only added a slight of delay):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjhhrc72wcl7y5z/Mørch fretless test 2.mp3?dl=0
Angaben zum Versand:
Herning, Dänemark


    1. Roadybus
      Mikkel ist 110% zuverlässig, aufrichtig, preislich jedesmal realistisch günstig UND auch noch nett!
      Darüber hinaus auch noch ein versierter Basser & gut im Geschäft.
      Verkäufer Bestbewertung.
      1. Mikkel-Skov und keziahj gefällt das.