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Origin Effects Cali76 STD

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The 1176 is much loved, premium quality studio compressor and in many ways is the "industry standard" vintage studio compressor.

The primary motivation for developing the Cali76, which was to bring the sonic properties of this revered studio-classic into the scope of the average guitar-geek. After all, why should high quality compression be confined to the recording studio?

Secondly, existing guitar compressors are generally mediocre performers, and renowned "Tone Killers", adding hiss, whilst simultaneously robbing your signal of its soul!

The Cali76 offers studio compression in a pedal, or desk-top format ... Compared to existing guitar compressors the Cali76 represents a high-fidelity, low noise solution with no signal degradation ...

The topology of the design was kept true to the original, whilst the actual circuitry was carefully condensed. In this way it has been possible to retain the much loved dynamic response of the original, whilst at the same time permitting a smaller, more stage friendly format!

We've slightly tweaked the attack and release times to be of immediate use to guitarists and bass players, as well as in pro-audio applications. Plug it into your recording rig to process vocals, piano, acoustic guitars and drums, with a vintage, analogue warmth!


• 100% Class-A discrete signal path

• Ultra fast “FET” response

• Attack & Release controls

• Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier

• Rugged VU-style meter

• Low noise electronics

• Optimized for guitar but can process any source

• Selectable True, or Buffered, Bypass

• 50 hours life from single 9V / PP3 cell

• Optional external power (9-18V DC)

• Traditional through-hole PCB

• PSU Spec. Min: 13mA @ 9V / 22.5mA @ 18V

• Suggested PSU rating: 100mA for optimum start-up

Attack times are: 0.020mS to 1.7mS (for 100% of recovery). Double the range when compared to the 1176 (stock 1176: 0.02mS - 0.8mS). This further defines percussive transients.

Release times are: 32mS to 267mS (for 63% of recovery). We've tailored the release times to best suite guitar / bass (this makes it easier to dial-in a useful setting), but can also offer people a wider range of times (stock 1176: 50mS - 1100mS).


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