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€ 1.200,00
Plank Fairytale 4 Custom (Rössel Purist) Bass + Warwick Tausche - 3.85kg

Plank Fairytale 4 Custom (Rössel Purist) Bass + Warwick Tausche - 3.85kg Beendet

Sehr einzigartiger Bass für Verkauf. Fantastische Qualität.


For sale/trade (trade preferred) this lovely, unique bass. Handmade by Fritz Rössel from Koblenz, Germany. The quality of this instrument and playability is outstanding. Very smooth and fast neck allows you to attack the notes very easily and it balances perfectly. Plays like butter. The neck isn't the thinnest - definitely more like a P Bass than Jazz but this is one of the factors that makes this bass sustain like crazy. Sounds a lot like a Stingray but with modern twist to it. I can have some sound samples if you're interested.
The condition of the bass is 9.5/10. The frets look like new and there is no scratches or chips.

It features:
Limited edition special paint
Model: The Maple
Number of strings: 4
Design: solid body
Body: European maple one-piece
Neck: European maple one-piece
Total length: approx. 1120 mm
Length of the instrument: Longscale 864 mm
Neck profile: D Shape
Neck fastening: Stainless steel 4 point screwed
Bunds: 24 Medium Jumbo + zero bound
Band material: nickel silver alloy m / hard
Saddle: Bone with saddle collar
Output Jack: Switchcraft USA
Pickup: PHB 4 Humbucker
Bridge: FJR-Std.
Belt buckles: Schaller
Mechanics: Plank 4 arrangement 2l, 2r
Finish: Limited Special
Weight: approx. 3.85 kg

When offering trade options - please keep in mind, that I am open to almost everything, but mainly interested in 4 string basses with rosewood/ebony fretboards. Maple fretboards only on jazz bass kind of guitar. If the deal is good - cash adjustment possible your way.

The bass is currently in Opole, Poland in hard case not being played.
It can be shipped anywhere in Europe after agreeing on everything.
I know I am a ''new member'' here, but I have good feedback on basschat.co.uk
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for looking.
Angaben zum Versand:
After agreement


    1. Groovy McBass
      So richtig gut kommt das Instrument nicht an... Ich bin der Erstbesitzer dieses guten Stückes, welches seinerzeit bei G&B verlost wurde. Es klang gut, aber ohne Regler und mit nur vier Saiten konnte ich auf Dauer damit nichts anstellen. Bei der Optik wollte das Instrument auch niemand haben und so habe ich mich am Ende auf 700€ runterhandeln lassen inkl. Koffer, der wohl auch auf der Strecke geblieben ist. Hauptsache weg... Dass es jetzt wieder zu so einem Preis angeboten wird, halte ich für ambitioniert, besonders wenn schon nicht mal mehr der Koffer zur sicheren Aufbewahrung dabei ist.

      Man kann auch Fritz Rössel vorwerfen, dass er so ein halbgar zusammengezimmertes (Lackierung) Stück Brett rausgehauen hat. Gut, verkaufen hätte selbst er es nicht können. Dass seine Preise aber vom Mond stammen ist in diesem Forum sicher Konsens.
      1. Pawel
        Hello Groovy McBass,

        I hope it's OK if I answer in English - I translated your comment and I guess I understood most of it but translating it back and forth won't make much sense.

        Well, the guy who gave this to me as a part trade lied about the value too? He said that the bass is 2000EUR brand new. Anyway, me being open minded about basses I have never seen or heard about - I got this Plank. And I like it, I played it for a while. The quality is outstanding, definitely at the top of the basses I have touched (and there was a few here and there...).
        20. Februar 2017
      2. Pawel
        The sound is very cool and although I agree about the lack of controls - I do not share the same opinion about the lack of possibilities in the long run. If you are a good player, you can get something out of any instrument. Period. If you moan about lack of 5th string or whatever, that's your business - I play 4 string basses and the Plank has a lot to offer.
        With that being said - the reason for me to put it up for trade/sale is simply because the bass is too modern for me. I don't like the feel of it, it's too perfect. I prefer old, beat up, rusty instruments with lacquer cracks etc. Recently my friend (luthier) took it for a little check up - as he was curious and he said it's the best bass he has ever touched. He said it would be perfect for the studio. It's also his idea to put on a volume and tone control on the plank and maybe a preamp of some sort.
        20. Februar 2017
      3. Pawel
        Anyway, I appreciate you sharing your opinion and history about this bass but I must strongly disagree about the quality of the instrument and it being ''not so good''. I definitely do not think that and quite a few of my musician friends share the same opinion. Also, I did not get the price from the moon - I just put the same value on it as the guy who gave it to me. I have learned my lesson - will probably never take something I have never heard about as a part exchange again. But that is about it.

        20. Februar 2017
    2. Funk.Joker
      Ich habe mit Pawel mal über basschat einen Bass getauscht. Lief aufjedenfall alles wie am Schnürchen! Sehr netter Typ, hatten auch nach dem Deal den ein oder anderen Geartalk :D

      Cheers, mate!