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€ 3.500,00
Ritter Cora 5

Ritter Cora 5 Verkauft

Ritter Cora 5 Frosted Carrera White

Thinking of trading my amazing Cora, only for a Alleva Coppolo, Vintage Fender Jazz, Fodera, Ken Smith. also Modulus Flea sparkle + Cash

this bass was made for Simone Masina in 2013, its a alder body with mahogany neck and maple fingerboard, all comes in a frosted carrera white finish

this bass weights 3.5kg (7.7lbs) ! the body feels resonate when play unplugged, all the hardware is gold, it has 2 ritter master slim buckers, with modified preamp (has an added tone control for passive mode. the overall condition is great, some hard to see dings, and Simone added side stickers that glow in the dark, can take it off if wanted, also 2 ramps are included (one white that is mounted and one maple), comes with hard case and all the papers.

Really amazing sound, has that typical Marcus miller tone that a Cora has, but i found it especially strong in the finger style tone

*the bass was built with no side dots, it came with black side stickers, so the original owner changed them to orange ones that glow in the dark (i found it useful, thats why i wasn't bothered), but if wanted i can arrange new black ones.

not so high quality photos, its hard to catch how white this bass is really is

if anyone wants more pm me


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