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€ 1.100,00
Rössel faitytale 'the purist' trade or sell (reserved!)

Rössel faitytale 'the purist' trade or sell (reserved!) Tausche

Rössel faitytale 'the purist' custom 4 string

Rössel faitytale 'the purist' bass for sale. Unique bass made by Fritz Rössel. This bass is a prototype of the Pursist series. Absolutely beautiful finish on this bass. Nice lightweight body made out of maple and with a quartersawn maple neck. Plays like a dream. Very fast neck with a nice low action. You can play harmonics on really every position of the neck, never heard this before myself. Bass is build to last. Comes with a case. Has a nice clear tone. Really 'snappy' slap sound too.

New price was around 2000 euros. I would like around 1100 euro or a trade with a fretless bass from the same quality and price range. Either 4,5 or 6 strings.

I bought this bass not too long ago here at Bassic, but I once again found out that fretted basses are not for me. I have had a lot of fretted basses though (Tobias, Sandberg, Fender, Warwick) and this bass is just as good and sometimes even better. This bass just deserves to be played and I know for a fact that I'm not gonna use it a lot (as a matter of fact I'm selling my other fretted bass as well).

Fretwork is like new and the trussrod works perfectly.

Bidding is always an option, you never know....
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no problem
The netherlands


    1. wbass01
      sicher nicht !
    2. badastronaut
      I mailed Fritz about the price, new price would be 2000 euro. I changed the add! I was told the new price was 2900 by the former owner but I guess Fritz knows best ;-)
      1. Pawel
        Good luck with the sale. The quality of this instrument is really good.
        16. April 2017
        badastronaut gefällt das.
    3. Pawel
      I really don't think it was 2900EUR brand new. About 1000EUR less. Lovely bass though.
    4. BoogieCaster
      wofür hat so ein Purist denn so ein riesen Elektrofach?
      1. Pawel
        It's empty inside - literally 2 wires. Maybe Fritz wanted to give the owner the opportunity to modify the bass according to the preferences?
        15. April 2017
        BoogieCaster gefällt das.