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Sadowsky NYC Bass Standard 4 Natural Vintage Tint

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The bass was build in the beginning of 2013, it was a custom order by me from Sadowsky NYC shop.
You will get the original receipt and all the case candy (setup tools, guitar care products and so on, as seen in the pictures).
The Sadowsky gigbag is still in great shape and you also get the original security locks to attach to your strap.

I used the bass only at home for couple of recordings, this one has never been on the road.
In absolute flawless mint condition, everything looks and works just as good as on day one.
Neck is straight, trussrod works fine, frets show no wear, mechanics run smooth, no scratching in the pots, no cracks in wood or finish.

The body is great looking swamp ash with a natural vintage tint finish.
Neck is maple with a thin nitro finish on the back and a dark ebony fingerboard on top.
The fingerboard got no inlays in the front (custom order), however you still have the side dots for orientation.
Hardware is all black, latest generation Hipshot mechanics plus the newer version string retainer (also takes care of the A string).
Pickups are the original Sadowsky humcancelling J.
The bass is light, somewhere between 3,5 and 4 kg (I can measure this more precisely later, if needed).

  • Master Volume (custom order, no push pull here)
  • Pickup Pan (Balance, middle position got both pickups at 100%)
  • VTC (passive tone control like on a fender bass)
  • Stacked Pot for Bass/Treble (to adjust preamp when bass is in active mode)
  • Switch for bypassing preamp (like on the old sadowsky basses)

If you got any questions don't hesitate to contact me.




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