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€ 1.250,00
Sandberg California TM5 rarewood

Sandberg California TM5 rarewood Verkauft

Sandberg California TM5 with spalted maple top, white pearl block inlay and matched headstock

BassSapo gefällt das.
Sandberg California TM5 rarewood
Top is spalted maple, white pearl block inlay.
Matched headstock, Delano MM and Jazz Pickup, two band active tone control.
Plays and sounds very very good...
Really kicks your but!
Weighs only approx. 4 kg's!
Used but not much, with only minor traces of use (tiny ding in upper horn and almost invisible buckle wear).
Comes with standard Sandberg gigbag.
I am selling because I completely went back to (old skool!) 4 string basses :-) and the low B is of no use in my current band :-(

This is a 2200+ euro bass, so I think 1350 euro would be reasonable.

PREIS UPDATE 1250 euro!

Located in the north of Holland.
Can be tested on Aguilar amplification.
I speak and read German!
Angaben zum Versand:
Versand ist moeglich
Assen (Dr), the Netherlands


    1. WolfgangMO
      Hello, is this 9 or 18 Volt active? Where can I test it, near cologne?
      Greetings form Cologne Wolfgang
      1. Basbeer69
        Hello Wolfgang, The pre amp is 9 Volt active. The bass can be tested in the Netherlands, Assen Drenthe to be precise...
        31. Juli 2016
    2. LaidbackLompi
      A really nice instrument. Do you have some records of the sound?
      1. Basbeer69
        Sorry I don't have the facilities for recording...
        I am pretty sure that you will find a lot of sound impressions of these basses on the internet but you are also welcome to test the bass at my place!
        28. Juli 2016
    3. Meypelnek
      Nice. What's its weight if I may ask?
      1. Basbeer69
        Only 4 kg!
        27. Juli 2016