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Fine sounding stingray from golden era

Ok up for sale this gorgeous 1988 Stingray
Next to the P basses I have a soft spot for these they play great as I really dig their neckshape somehow. With the eq dialed a bit back I had very good use for these in all styles of music, that plus it's a slap monster;-)

I have owned two late 70s stingrays before and had a newer one and a 5 string at some point. This one actually sounds identical to the early stingrays it has more lowend punch somehow.
In 1988 these had some of the older pre eb features, trussrod nut at the headstock string mutes and a very similar EQ and alnico pickup.

The bass has been played extensively there is wear to prove that, it is however 100% original no mods or routs only frets have a bit ofwear, but still very much playable on low action and quite light around 4 kg. And then the neck has this awesome birdseye maple front and back, quite a sight;-)
These are getting collectable I do want the amount I payed for this bass, it is however worth every penny and regarded as one of the better period of stingrays by people who know.

I have a sturdy case (non original) I can ship it in.

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Versand normaler weise rund 20 euro

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