Le Fay ROB gestohlen - WIEDER DA!

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ist nicht meiner,

aber trotzdem traurig...

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Tuesday after a concert in Barcelona a group of thieves stole my red LeFay model Rob , it's a unique bass with a very recognizable colour, also very remarkable is the disposition of the frets, they are not horizontal as usual but diversified (fan fretted).

I would appreciate any help: if u share this it's already a step more to the possibility of getting the bass back.

Any hint or other infos are of course also very welcome.

Especially i need help of all of u from Spain.

contact: https://www.facebook.com/jonathanihlenfeld


الحب هو أساس كل شيء
richtig. hier gehört das "zwinge-eier-prinzip" angewendet. egal ob männchen oder weibchen.

p.s. jemand mal einen Spector NS-2; Ser# 551 gesichtet? Der wurde mir vor ~ 10 Jahren gestohlen ...
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