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Herr Mosa

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Zhang Yilong vom CUC:
Giant dies
In July 2014, I was honored to invite Mr. Neave as the speaker of the recording master class. Mr Neve wanted to fly to Beijing, but doctors told him that his body could not withstand the long journey. He enthusiastically supported our academic activities, and later taught via skype, sending his two right-hand men to the scene to help explain. Because of the time difference, in order to coincide with our opening time, the old gentleman stayed up all night to give on-line lectures. Later, his assistant said that because of his back problems, he could not sit and stand for more than 20 minutes at a time. However, he spoke for nearly two hours, with only one break in the middle. He talked about professional issues and could not stop.
I sat on the stage watching the audience that day, many of them were the biggest names in the industry who had taught in the master class. Facing Mr. Neve, his face was full of conviction and reverence. At that time I thought, our industry can be called idol, ranked first must be he
A follow-up lecture planned with the old gentleman at the time never materialized. A Legend Has Fallen! Empty left regret



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Bass 'n' Drums
So lässt es sich abtreten. Biblisches Alter und der eigene Nachname auf ewig mit dem „Feinsten vom Feinen“ verbunden. An so‘ner Konsole würde ich gerne mal aufnehmen...ob davor oder dahinter.

Tiefe Verbeugung.

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