Stolen Precision stolen from Ivo Severijns


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Dear all,

Last Friday the Fender Precision from Ivo Severijns (bassist of Kane) is stolen from the backstage area at Ahoy during the 'Vrienden van Amstel' concert.This bass was stolen from a rack so the case is not included.
The serial numberis S887054(visible ontheheadstock,see photo).

Some features of this bass are;

Originally white,bu tover the year scompletely evenly (nospots )faded to pale yellow.
-The solid,unpainted neck, rosewood fingerboard,i sone piece has no skunk stripe.
-Original pickups were replaced with Seymour Duncan Quater Pounders.
-Thick,1-ply white pickguard.
-Sigaret burning mark at the E-tuners

Help Ivo get his bass back !

Send this message to fellow musicians.

Let him know if you hear anything, see or smell.Reward is ready.

Mail with Ivo:

Oben Unten