Unique Dingwall Super J5 gestohlen


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Unique Dingwall Super J5 gestohlen. Hier ist die originale Anzeige von BassChat :

Hope this is ok to post here, am really gutted about losing this one.

Please spread the word and look out for my unique Dingwall Super J5 bass guitar (pictured on the right) which was stolen today.

I arrived home to find out that my house had been burgled while I was at work. This has been one of my biggest nightmares, particularly as I have indoor cats and have always been terrified that they’d escape and get lost or run over, but despite the door being kicked in and open they were still around. This is more important than anything else, so I consider myself very fortunate indeed.

All 12+ of my watches were taken too, but this bass (the one on the right in the first photo) is the thing I’d really like back.

The key distinguishing features are the fanned frets, the brown pearloid pickguard, white pearloid block inlays on the fingerboard, a Sadowsky preamp, Luminlay side dots and a plexiglass ramp between the pickups. There is a Hipshot D-Tuner on the low B string with a double-stop lever, and the back of the headstock has been signed by Sheldon Dingwall of @dingwallguitars.

This instrument has huge sentimental value to me - I saved up for a long time to buy it, and went on to save up for its twin Super P5. I would be prepared to offer a £300 cash reward - no questions asked - split between those responsible for its return, or donated to a charity of your choice.

My thanks to the gentlemen from the police (who said several homes on my road got targeted) who helped secure my door until I can get it sorted out.

Thanks for sharing this - really, really hope I get this bass back!

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