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€ 750,00
Mensinger Cazpar - Custom Shortscale Fretless.

Mensinger Cazpar - Custom Shortscale Fretless. Verkauft

Fretless/ shortscale/ beautiful top/ f-hole /lightweight /possible piccolo-bass.

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Mensinger Cazpar - Custom Shortscale Fretless !
Fretless/ 4 String/ shortscale/ beautiful top/ f-hole /lightweight /possibility to make it a piccolo-bass.

Mensinger is part of the Adrian Maruszczyk-basses. This one was made as a custom order, therefore the controls are different: there's no volume [!] the first knob is the pick-up balance [with center-click], the second knob controls the frequency, and the switch lets you choose between 3 settings: flat/ shallow/ deep. These options make it a very versatile pre-amp, with lots of tones possible.

Very nice bass; sounds awesome. Maple neck with ebony fretboard. The bass is in very good condition, all original, and complete with it's Maruszczyk gigbag. There are no mentionable dings or dongs: everything is in excellent shape. It's weight is about 3 kilo's, so perfect for those who like small, light basses.

At this moment the bass is trung with normal EADG flatwounds, but you could place Piccolo strings on this one, which would make it a completely different instrument!

The bass is for sale, but trades are welcome. [open for almost verything everything, except for sunburst basses, i really don't like sunburst sorry]. Open to trade offers with cash coming from either side.

If there's no trade i'm looking for 750 euro. [original price of this custom bass was 1.695,- euro]

Preferably pick in Heerlen [Netherlands, South Limburg], this is about 15 minutes drive from Aachen, or 1 hour drive from Koln. We could also meet somewhere 'in the middle' if that would make things easier.

ps: ik can read German perfectly, speak it a bit, just writing in German is sommeting else....

Not exactly the same, but it gives an idea about the bass:
Angaben zum Versand:
Prefer pick up, but shipping is possible
Heerlen, Niederlande