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Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass fretless Jaco relic

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The Netherlands
This Jaco Custom Shop bass was bought new in 2008 when visiting New York. It never got used after all so I am selling it. It might be a bit awkward to say about a relic bass but it is like new really. The bass hasn't been out of the case (OHSC) since 2008 and it still smells like a new one. You know that smell: better than any after shave or perfume! 😉 The bass played perfect right away after so many years in the case. I exchanged the original roundwound strings with Thomastik flatwounds (I did keep the original strings that are still like new too) and did some personal tweaking with string and pick up height. Due to the lower tension of the Thomastiks I also adjusted the trussrod a bit so I can say it works perfectly fine. Somehow this CS Jaco feels and plays like a bass that I have been playing for many years. However, I'm not a Jaco or even a fretless player really... so.... I made these pics and put it back in the case for it to comfortably wait for the right person to give it the right overdose of playing & caring. Is it you?



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