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€ 1.590,00
V/T: Fender 1978 Precision bass

V/T: Fender 1978 Precision bass Verkaufe

Black Fender 1978 Precision bass, maple neck

Fender 1978 Precision bass.

Pretty nice condition for its age, maple neck, ash body, super nice flame going on at the neck. Relatively light for a 70’s P (4kg / 8,82lbs on my home scale), 42,5mm at the nut, meaty and super comfortable neck profile, truss rod works properly, action is set quite low and nice. It is a tone monster – with round wounds it growls amazingly, with flats it has a super deep thump and fits super nice in a band setting.

The story – I bought it from the original owner and its all original with the exception of an “on/off switch” that has been added in the 80’s – it can be seen near the jack. What’s interesting and rather unique is that the truss rod plug is not the usual walnut but some other lighter wood. All the dings, scuffs and swirls are reflected in the detailed pics, in flesh it actually looks better but I have tried to capture all the little imperfections.

Detailed photos of the bass can be found here: https://goo.gl/photos/TJfaNoJQ92jpZ45s6

Given the above my price is 1590€ plus actual shipping. It will travel in a non-original harda case. I will ship from Bulgaria so there will be no import taxes for EU buyers.

Feel free to ask me any additional questions or demand additional photos/videos. Delivery usually takes around 7 working days to most of EU. My feedback can be found here: http://basschat.co.uk/topic/125066-...10067__hl__fend3r__fromsearch__1#entry2610067

As to trades I am generally interested in other precisions, but if you have something else thats interesting - try me.
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