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Fodera Anthony Jackson 6 1990 in immensely good condition

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What to say about this bass... allow me to skip the sad and corny part why selling it etc. Here ladies & gentleman, here is the good part.... This is a 100% original Fodera Anthony Jackson from 1990, the period that Fodera was establishing it's name worldwide, Mr. Vinny Fodera himself built those basses and Mr. Anthony Jackson was one of the 'first call' session cats for about any style of music from pop to jazz in the highest imaginable playing fields.

If you look for a thunderous low B and crispy highs.. well this bass has it.. but it has more to offer. The bass feels like an extension of your fingers. Very musical. Very articulate. With a kind of smoothness only the driest great tonewoods reveals. This AJ6 has a voice of its own. Check out the records on which Anthony Jackson played a same instrument. Anything else I would add to praise the bass could start to sound a bit exaggerated. So I decided not to do that. After all an instrument like this will reveal its possibilities in the hands of the player.

Some details
Anthony Jackson 6 string neck-through (before the time this was called a 'Custom Elite': all Fodera's back then were custom built!)
19" string spacing (adjustable)
Walnut body
Quilted maple top body
Maple neck
Light Ebony Fingerboard
Bartolini T Style soapbars
Haz Labs pre amp (Volume, balance, 2 band EQ, Active/passive switch, kill switch)
Approx. 5kgs
Great balance, very comfortable to play
Comes with OHSC (Fodera Teardrop case)
Strings: Fodera Anthony Jackson (what else? ;-))

Decent offers and trades considered (Sadowsky 5 NYC PJ Maple, Alleva Copplo 5, Spector USA 5, Ken Smith 5 (19mm spacing)...but sorry: + cash!)



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