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GONE Zu Verkaufen/Tausch MTD 535-21 Korina/Wenge

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Metz, Frankreich
For sale/For Trade a beautiful MTD 535-21 from 1995, very good shape, lightweight (3.7kg) and very rare with this woods configuration.

It's a bass from second year of the MTD's production (finished in December 1995), delivered with original brown hardcase and Mike's letter.
Its weight is really surprising for a 5 string and it is very balanced. The sound is filled with growl and presence, lots of low-mids and a really strong character.
This is according to Tobias, the sound he had in mind when he thought about the evolution he wanted to make by launching this new brand in the early 90s.

Here are specifications :

Body : Korina, lightweight whith a wonderlful golden color

Neck : Wenge, quartersawn, one piece, 4 screws bolt-on with asymetric profile

Fingerboard : One piece of Wenge

Scale : 35"

Frets : 21 + 1 frets silver/nickel in perfect shape

Headstock : 2 + 3 with Wenge veneer

Nut : Bone

Pickups : Originals MTD/Bartolini, inverted P pickups

Preamp : Original MTD/Bartolini, works with two battery, +/-9v configuration

Controls : Volume/Blend/Bass/Mids/Treble + Mediums frequencies switch 250/400/800 Hz

Tunes : Originals Gotoh GB707

Bridge : Original Wilkinson in perfect condition

Strings Spacing at Bridge : 19mm

Strings Spacing at Nut : 9mm

Knobs : MTD

Hardware color : Black

Trussrod : One working and perfect set up rod

Land of Craftsmanship : Handmade in USA

Weight : 3.7kg

This bass is very easy to play and the weight is super nice when you are standing. The bass has a few strokes and a few marks, but nothing bad for a bass of this age.
It’s an instrument that has been played and that resonates wonderfully. The sound is typical MTD, with snap and an unbeatable slap sound. The woods used really offer a very ample and imposing sound, with a very good definition and a really important presence in a mix.

You can see pictures in full HD here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18LL6pQFNSi13FkmicCoRCf_hwKYAFCxp?usp=sharing

And listen a lots of soundclips here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lENbaYYXVDuhg6jlYJiZX5azU6uf8fj3?usp=sharing

Don’t hesitate if you want additional photos or soundclips.

For exchanges I am quite open, I am interested in fretted or fretless basses, from 4 to 6 strings.
Rather looking for a Fbass, Leduc, Ken Smith, or whatever ... Overall quite closed to Fenders though.

Submit !

For information :

Price new in 1995: $ 3500 + $ 300 (Wenge neck and fingerboard) + $ 300 (Korina body) + $ 140 (Hardcase) = $ 4240 or current $ 7240 with dollar inflation

Current new price: $ 5,200 + $ 500 (Wenge neck and fingerboard) + $ 300 (Korina body) + $ 450 (Hardcase) = $ 6,450

Bomb-proof parcel OK




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