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€ 950,00
Manne Newport Satin ''Flattop'' 4 String P/J Bass

Manne Newport Satin ''Flattop'' 4 String P/J Bass Beendet

Handmade in Italy.

Lovely handmade in Italy passive bass for sale/trade.

Serial number says that the bass was made in August of 2014 and it was number 20 from that series.

Alder body
Multi laminated neck with maple on the sides
Resin fretboard.
Comes with original padded Manne gigbag.

''A laminate core gives so much strength to the neck, but with the possibility of carefully controlling the action.
The resin fretboard, limited in thickness to the strictly necessary size, gives consistent and even response to all notes, laying down a fast and non hygroscopic foundation to your playing.''

Tradewise, not looking for anything particular at the moment - let me know what you have if interested and we'll go from there.

There is a tiny ''stress crack'' at the back where the neck joins the body - I have messaged Andrea Ballarin (Manne Guitars, Italy) asking about it and he has assured me that this is quite common and it will not get bigger, it will just stay as it is.
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Portsmouth, UK