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Reverend US BH 5 Space race silver ( very rare ) SOLD !

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Lille , France
So here is a particularly rare bass: a Reverend BH 5 in Space race silver finish, year 2002. These basses have not been produced since 2006 and their prices have risen seriously in recent times. There were only 79 copies made and 3 in this finish (and only one with the black back, making it a unique bass)

Here is the official description:

Designed with Brad Houser (Critter’s Buggin, New Bohemians, Bass Player mag’s 10 Young Guns To Watch) for the ultimate in versatility and performance!
5-string with 35 inch scale, two black Reverend humbucker pickups, 3-position voicing switch (parallel, single coil, series) for each pickup, volume for each pickup, master tone control, Hipshot bridge with adjustable spacing, Hipshot Ultralite tuning keys , and wide neck (3 inch at 22nd fret)
Comes standard with Black Pearl Pickguard on the following body colors: Sky Blue, ’57 Turquoise, Nave Blue, Deep Purple, and Jet Black.

It is a semi hollowbody bass, and it really gets along… The B is a slaughter all by itself. Clearly the top of the range from Rererend, with all the hardware in Hipshot (the mechanics in US and the adjustable A bridge )

Bridge spacing: 19mm, adjustable. (Hipshot type A)

I used it in very different contexts, blues, salsa, soul, it is also comfortable live or its look does not go unnoticed and also in studio recordings .

The bass will be delivered in a tuxedo teardrop flight with the most beautiful effect (almost new) ... It is in a very clean condition, even if it was used, no wear of the frets, stable handle and impeccable trussrod. As a bonus, the hard to find Reverend strap …

Image_1 2020-04-08_16-34-12.jpeg

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