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Sadowsky NYC Modern 24-5 (1996!) **RESERVIERT**

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Hilversum, The Netherlands
Great Sadowsky Modern 24-5 form 1996 with a Glockenklang 2 band pre amp and Seymour Duncan dual coils and a three position switch allowing to choose for inner coils, outer coils and both coils making this an extremely versatile bass. Compared with the more common jazz basses Sadowsky produces I would say this (old) Modern bass is closer to a mix of Music Man and a Precision, although, with the dual coils bright/airy setting are very well possible too. IMHO this bass is great for heavier styles of rock, reggae, funk etc. Very beefy tones with strong lows and highs. The bass has been played for sure, someone during it's long history someone has put a pickguard on it (I never had it) and the bridge has been replaced with a by Roger recommended Omega bridge, but technically it is 100%. The frets have many many years of life to go. The bass comes with the perfectly working original EMG pickups and Sadowsky pre-amp and the change is fully reversable. Do note that this amp is designed for active pickups so need a little adjustment for working with passive pickups (But perfectly well with the active EMG’s). This a great bass but I prefer playing my more traditional jazz-bass like Sadowsky's... so time for this baby to find a new owner. Comes with a sturdy but non original hard case.Oh yes, the neck is maple, the fretboard is ebony and most likely the body is ash. The weight is about 3800 grams (not chambered!). Very well balanced and action as low as you wanna go.


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