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SWR Workingman 2x10C Bass Combo Amplifier

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SWR Workingman 2x10C Bass Combo Amplifier. Zustand: Gebraucht (war nur als Ersatz im Proberaum und ist quasi unbenutzt, Nichtraucher!!) . Versand ist möglich, aber
teuer, da das Teil über 40 kg wiegt!!!. Ich habe UPS Standard für ca. 59 Euro /EU ca. 99 Euro) herausgesucht. Wer etwas billigeres findet, kann sich melden. Ich setze dann die Versandkosten herab. Alternativ den
Verstärker in 53859 Niederkassel abholen.

Preis ist VHB 399 Euro. Preisvorschläge erwünscht ;-)

Privatverkauf ohne Gewährleistung, Garantie oder Rücknahme.

Ich habe ein "Owner`s Manual" das ich als PDF vorab verschicken kann (Englisch).

Hier noch ein paar Infos von der amerikanischen Webseite:

SWR 2x10C Bass Amp
The most-often requested product in SWR's history'the new 2x10C combo bass amp is a tight, punchy, powerful, gig-ready combo amp at an afford
Front Panel Features
Discrete Solid State Front End
Balanced XLR Output
Tuner Out Jack
High and Low Sensitivity 1/4 in. Input Jacks
Gain Control with LED peak clipping indicator
Aural Enhancer Control
5-Band Graphic EQ Section
80 Hz (Bass)
160Hz (Lo Mid)
400 Hz (Mid)
800 Hz (Hi Mid)
3kHz (Treble)
Variable Limiter with Pull Defeat Option
Effects Blend Control
Master Volume Control
Speakers (both internal and extension) On/Off Switch
Stereo Headphones Jack
Single Open Rack Space for effects unit of your choice
Rear Panel Features (Chassis and Cabinet)
Side Chain Effects Loop (Effects Send and Effects Receive 1/4 in. Jacks)
Extension Speaker 1/4 in. Output Jack
Internal Speaker On/Off Switch
3-Way Tweeter Mode Selector Switch (Full Range, -6db, Off)
Power Output
260 watts @ 8 ohms (internal cabinet)
400 watts @ 4 ohms (with 8 ohm extension speaker)
(Minimum Impedance = 4 ohms)
Speaker Complement
(2) 10 in. custom designed cast-frame SWR drivers
(1) LeSon TLX-1 Piezo Tweeter
Cabinet Construction and Features
5/8 in. 7-ply, Maple or Birch plywood construction, waterproof glue
All joints Dado and Rabbet, glued and nailed
Front Slot Port designed to eliminate unwanted noise
Heavy Duty Removable Casters
Heavy Duty Spring Handles
Midnight Blue Carpeting with Stack Lock Corners
Midnight Blue Stamped Steel Vibration-Free Grill
Frequency Response
(Power Amplifier): -3db @ 20 hz and 40 kHz
Internal Impedance
8 ohms
23 in. W x 23 in. H x 16.75 in. D
76 lbs.

The sound and quality are great. With the controls being so vesatile
you can get most any sound you want. I used the rack mount space
for a processor. I also added a SWR 15B cabinet for larger venues for
a bit more low belly. If you need more than that you can use the XLR
out to a sound board.
The compressor and graphic equalizer are what I use most. It would
help to have an auxilary power outlet or 2. If you rack mount an
accesory, you have to plug it in separately.
I have been using this amp for over a year averaging about 12-20
hours per week performing. Has never skipped a beat.
This product is reasonably priced. Especially with the versatility it
offers, coupled with the power it has.
Manufacturer Support:
Haven't had to call them. I added a Fostex DE-10 processor to help
with a bit of echo in small rooms for fill.
The Wow Factor:
It was a practical addition after trying out about 5 other brands. Size,
versaitility, power. The color black blends in the background.Don't
need chrome grills, they clutter up the set.
I had used Sunn amps for over 30 years. Making this change was a
significant event for me. Took me months to make the choice. Idoubt
I will ever need anything else (except a roadie when I get really old)


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