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TC Electronic RH450 amp with RS210-C cabinet.

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Heerlen [Niederlande]
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TC Electronic RH450 amp with RS210-C cabinet.

Amplifier [RH450] with matching cabinet [RS210C] and original cover. Everything works perfectly. You can easily remove the amplifier from the cabinet, if you wish, and then you have a separate cabinet with a separate top.

With the RS210c there is a super handy 'trolley' on the back; moving the set is really a piece of cake. This 'trolley' can also be removed with the push of a button, if you wish. There are of course also large handles on the left and right of the cabinet.

The set is equipped with the original TC Electronic padded cover. This has been adjusted by providing an extra opening at the rear, now you can also move the set with the trolley and the cover over it. [very handy!]

The RH450 in short: impressive amplifier, with extensive tone control, an adjustable compressor and adjustable overdrive. Everything can be stored in 3 presets and immediately recalled with the press of one of the three buttons.
The amplifier is of course also provided with headphone input and connections for mp3 players and the like.

I think 600 euro for the set is reasonable.
If you're only interested in the head or the cab; let me know; maybe we can work things out.

ps; The set is for sale, but trades are welcome; only 4 stringers [!], preferably passive. Only interested in black or 'naturel wood' basses [i'm definitely NOT interested in sunburst basses, sorry]. Or trade with a very compact electronic drum kit [Roland Octapad SPD-30 with an extra snare and hi-hat], or a GK MB150 amp. Open to trade offers with cash coming from your side.

Please pick up in Heerlen, considering the size and weight. [Netherlands, South Limburg; this is about 15 minutes drive from Aachen, or 1 hour drive from Koln.]



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