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Tobias Toby Pro VI

Läuft ab
Angaben zum Versand
Preferably not, but possible.
Venlo, Niederlande. 40 Minuten von Dusseldorf.
Sale or Trade.

Apologies for the English. I do read and speak German, but writing is something else..

Some time ago I acquired this very nice Korean Tobias from the early 00's, but I do not get along with the narrow string spacing (17mm at bridge, 10mm at nut). It is nice if you play chords, but my fingers are just to big to do something else with it. Because the neck is shaped very nicely a-symmetrical I even considered turning it into a 5 string bass. But as I figured someone else might just want the have the bass as it is now, it is up for grabs now.

What you are looking at is a first generation Korean Tobias bass. They are known to be of a very high quality as is this one. Strings are super low and look and feel is luxurious. Weight is what you would expect of a 6 string bass (~5KG), but it balances great and feels therefore light. Overall condition of the bass is as the pictures show, very good.

My asking price is the price I paid for it and would like to get back for it. I am open for partial trades or a full trade. If you have something I like that is of a higher value I'm open to add cash. In regards of what I'm open for in a trade? everything bass related goes. Effect pedals, amps, speakers, bass guitars with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 strings, I'm open minded.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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