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*Traded + cash* Sadowsky Jazz Bass 5 Standard NYC 1994 Daphne/Sonic blue

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Here is a quite unique old Sadowsky Jazz Bass Standard 5. This beautiful light blue thing bas been played
and modified but it remains to have that Sadowsky DNA all over.

Admitted, to some the adding of two ‘period correct’ Bartolini pickups may be an acquired taste but
with a three way toggle switch per pickup it ads very musical tonal variations.

The great original early ‘94 maple neck, these necks are special really (Anderson period?).
The finish seems original to me, at some points it is becoming a bit greenish: same discoloring
that happens with old blue Fenders. USA/NYC of course: back then Japanese Metro’s didn’t even exist!

The neck seems to be refinished in a yellowish clear coating at some point. It’s done professionally.
The pickguard seems custom made, don’t know who did but the shape makes sense considering the
extra switches.

The bass has signs of playing wear all over but no abuse: generally speaking it looks pretty good.

Most important is that it sounds and plays awesome, it is light (unchambered!) and well
balanced. Other than mentioned modifications the bass seems 100% original.

In the early nineties these Bartolini’s, Gotoh tuners and bridges were the ones that were used by Roger
and they still work perfectly fine. The Gotoh bridge allows for adjusting the string spacing which I find
to be a nice feature since I like the spacing to be just a little less than 19mm. The truss rod and the
electronics work flawlessly as well and the frets have enough life in them for many years to come.

The bass comes with an original Sadowsky soft square case or a Sadowsky gig bag.


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