Brubaker Lexa V Custom (2002-2003)


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First of all... Sorry about the English - My German is really really bad...

This is a bit of a feeler... I am finding myself back in the GAS carousel, and it seems my bass of reference is my fretless at the moment.

Therefore, I am considering handing off my recently acquitted Brubaker Lexa Custom.

The bass is virtually unused. Previous owner had it in the case for about a decade, and I have not given it any significant playing time either. No dings, no scratches, no fuss with electronics, neck or truss rod. Bartolini preamp and pups...

A cliché maybe... Everyone always raves over the versatility in sound of their particular bass. Honestly, this one is the only one I ever owned where this holds true. The combination of pickup placement and preamp is just spot on. Also the deep neck pocket gives the sustain of a neck-through without sacrificing attack.

Includes original hardcase+hand written control layout (from Brubaker) and original tool/key for flightcase. Everything is seriously as new !.

I have a feedback thread on Basschat, from previous deals made:

I am thinking around €1600 pricewise

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...arrived safely in my hands now and cooling down.... Great Instrument with impeccable custom workmanship and - huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge sound, well taken care of, well described. will definitely deal with Torben again ;-)

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