Dingwall Z1. SOLD


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For sale this amazing Dingwall Z1
The bass is as new. Comme with his Dingwall gigbag
- Body : Ash
- Top : Maple spalted flammed
- Neck : Maple, 5 pièces, maple fingerboard
- Frets : 24
- Matching headstock
- Pickups : FD-3/Mach II 4L
The pickup controls allow for the standard Neck/Neck-Bridge/Bridge tones, plus the parallel/series switch allows you operate the neck & bridge pickups in series or parallel creating a very interesting additional tone. The Lo/Mid/Hi cut-boost pots allow you to sculpt the tone to match your playing and music style. The midrange switch allows you to scoop out the mids to maintain presence in live playing situations.

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