Epiphone Rivoli / EB2 - sold


Up for sale is my Epiphone!

Can't get used to the bodyshape, so this has to go.

Made in Japan (specs here)
Pickguard is sadly missing, but these can be replaced. Birdseye maple top.
Bass is in working order but has scratches and dings, the neck is completely straight and the truss rod is 100%.
Comes with new roundwound shortscale d'addario strings and older flatwound set.

Price: OFFER!

I am from Holland, 90 minutes travel from Osnabrück.
Can ship but I don't have a case sadly.


Kalif anstelle des Kalifen
Is this still there?

If yes, can you please send some more pictures via private message, especially of the body/neck jpint and the neck/headstock joint?
Where in the Netherlands are you? I am going to be there (Zeeland) by the end of August.


Oben Unten