Fender Jazz bass 1975 not reissue


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For sale Fender in 1975 all original.

It's all original except some screws, but tell you the truth do not know which screws ... It does not have original case, and does not have metal pickup covers.

Bass is 1975 Neck Actually it's '74. It's a 4 bolt jazzbass.
I bought this bass 2 years ago from a dear friend who sold it to me, and he had owned over 20 old jazz bass.

I never care about the Year and pu's and all vintage details, I'm a player not a collector.

so here it is:

The serial number on neck heel is 0203-3543 (check the pic)
and what did Means is this:

02 = jazzbass
03 = maple fretboard
35 = 35th week of the year
4 = 1974 year
3 = Wednesday

Bass comes in regular plastic case, like this one

Here is my feedback page at Bass chat

and here are all the pics from jazzbass:

Price is 2500 Euros + shipping, bass is located in Croatia


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