FS/FT: Brand new FGN (Fujigen) Neo classic 70's Jazz bass => 1050E incl. shipment!



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This was bought new just over 5 weeks ago, never left the house and is in immaculate condition.
I love this bass and i've been saving for a long time to buy this, but the loss of my job and the bills stacking up are forcing me to sell this.

price new: 1725Euro

asking price was: 1150Euro
but due to the financial trouble that i'm in right now willing to let her go for 1050Euro shipped,
which is definitely a steal for someone looking for a high end 5 string jazz in mint condition at bargain price.

Will also consider a down-trade with a reasonably priced electric or acoustic 4 string + >350Euro on top so i can pay some bills.

She comes double boxed with original packaging and a very high quality Fujigen gigbag


Make: FGN

Model: Neo Classic JB 5
Type: electric bass with solid-body, five-string
Country of Origin: Japan
Tuning machines: Chrome; open Gotoh GB11W tuners
Neck: Maple with skunk stripe, screwed
Fingerboard: maple with white binding and block inlays
Neck width: 48 mm saddle; XII. 67.6 mm
Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo CFS
Scale length: 864 mm Long Scale
Body: Swamp Ash
Bridge: Gotoh 205B-5
conventional belt holder
Surfaces: high gloss lacquer
Pickups: 2 x Fujigen Singlecoil m. Alnico magnets
Electronics: passive
Control panel: 2 x volume, 1 tone control ×
Stringspacing Bridge: 17.5 mm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Accessories: Gig bag

Everything on this bass looks like it has been put together
with an amazing eye for detail and the quality,
craftsmanship and looks easily surpass any of the Fender jazz's i've ever had the chance to put my hands on.
(some reviewers on Talkbass and other forums have even compared the quality of these FGN basses
with the Fender custom shop models as each of these basses just feels and looks perfectly right out of the box and the consistency in quality is amazing )

The frets look like they're PLEK'd and they have some sort of curve to them
(they call it CFS in think) so each string hits the fret at the best possible spot and angle
to achieve superb playability and intonation.

Although this bass is completely passive and i expected to hear some hum when soloing the bridge or neck pick-up,
this bass is dead-quit, i've tried playing all possible combinations of both pick-up's
and even with one pick-up on full and the other completely off
i haven't managed to get any single coil hum which is really nice if you want to do some recording soloing the bridge or neck pick-up.

The pick-up's pack some serious output and i believe i've read somewhere
that they are FGN's take at the custom shop 70's pick-up's.

For those that don't now about FGN basses, they are the own brand of the Fujigen factory that used to make
the good old Japanese Fenders and many other top vintage instruments,
they've been very well represented on NAMM over the last few years,
but over here in Europe they're not very well known yet,
which is a shame as they offer way better quality and consistence than the more well known brands a.t.m. (all i.m.o and i.m.e. of course)




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If you are intrested i can provide refferences from the Dutch Bass guitar forum, The Warwick bass forum and Basschat (The Brittish Bass forum) where i have lots of good feedback as both buyer and seller, so you know you are dealing with a trutworthy person. ;-)


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Now willing to let this go for 1000Euro + shipping costs
which is over 700Euro less than the price new!

I'm selling it this cheap
because i will probably end up living on the street if this doesn't sell this week...

Also have a just as new TC Electronic BG250-112 combo for sale which i might ad to the deal for just 275Euro more (+ shipping costs of course)


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intrested in trades with a slightly cheaper 4 string + some cash my way.


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Bump amp is now sold,
pricedrop on the FGN to 1000Euro including shipment to anywhere in Germany.

will take partial trades of a cheaper bass : 4 string warwick or jazz and/or battery powered busker amp suitable for bass.

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