FT/ FS: Ibanez MC924 AJ10 [half fretted, half fretless]


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'For sale or trade:

Ibanez MC924 AJ10, also known as the Ibanez MC924 H

Not an everyday bass; half fretless and half fretted. The bass is basically a MC924 [but without frets from 12th position, and a "curl" ending the fretboard]; fantastic bass with very many tonal possibilities. It is a signature version of Alphonso Johnson [hence the initials AJ]. Active and passive, 3 Bands [active] tone, and also a separate passive tone control. Element switch. And a button to blend active and passive [as I interpret it]. The bass is still original [without modifications] and in good condition considering its age [1979]. Technically the bass is 100%, there is some signs of use, but nothing shocking; the pictures speak for themselves!

The value of the bass is a bit difficult to estimate since they are rare. Coincidentally, there is now one on sale in Spain via E-Bay http://www.ebay.de/itm/IBANEZ-MUSIC...sgitarre-/121482977812?_trksid=p2054897.l4275. I'm open for trades as long as it has no sunburst or flashy color. [basses in black, or with the woodgrain visible are preferred].

I prefer local pick up. I live in Heerlen [The Netherlands], which is 15 minutes from Aachen and about 1 hour from Koln. I case of trade, we could also meet somewhere in 'the middle'.

ps: I can read perfectly German so feel free to write me an e-mail, but I will answer in English [or Dutch], since i can not write German that good...


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