FT : Warwick RB corvette active shortscale (30.75") in black, bought new 20/11/2014!


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Hi again fellow Bass-maniacs,

I bought this beauty brand new just a few weeks ago (ordered it 20/11/2014) as i needed something small and light to use with my travelling band,
since then i've used it for 3 rehearsals and 2 gigs and except for a little dent in the lacquer beneath one of the neck screws on the back of the body it is still in as new condition.

I absolutely love the sound , looks, small size and light weight of this little beast,
but although it's much easier to play and transport than a full scale bass ,i think this small scale (30.75inch) is just a little bit too tiny for me as i've started to experience some wrist problems when i'm playing for a long time.
(I was originally planning to buy the medium scale 32" version of this bass as i'm comfortable playing that scale,but as that model was out of stock at the time and because i got impatient i settled for the short scale instead , which i'm now regretting...)

So this might be a chance for someone that's looking for a good short scale to get one of the best short scales in this price class currently on the market in as new condition to maybe work out a trade deal we both are happy with.

little demo by Andy Irvine:

So, to get to the point,
what i offer is:

- Warwick Corvette active BK shortscale (30.75" scale) in as new condition, including manual,strap locks, truss rod tool and allen keys. http://www.thomann.de/be/warwick_corvette_short_scale_bk_aktive.htm

- As new Fender short/medium scale gigbag bought the same day as the bass.

Bass is currently strung with a fresh set of daddario EXL 170 Medium scale nickle rounds and the current set up offers superb playability with low action. http://www.thomann.de/be/daddario_exl170m.htm

I also equipped the bass with high quality peace sign decals from creative cuts and a sticker on the side,
both are specificly made for use on instruments and can be removed without leaving any trace whatsoever (which i will do before shipping on trader/buyer request)

Also included are 2 sets of strings in as new condition (both the were on the bass for less than a day),
one set of warwick red label full scale strings and one set of daddario EXL 170 Short scale strings (bought these for this bass but after putting them on it turned out they were too short because of the extra 0.75inch scale the Warwick has, so these can be used for another shortscale you have lying around maybe?)

I still have all the original packaging + an extra sturdy guitar sized box for extra protection and all that combined with the gigbag (to which i also added extra padding), shipping will be safe enough not to loose any sleep over it.

What i'm looking for:

- 4 or 5 string bass in 32-34" scale with Jazz or Humbucker pick-ups
- I prefer Warwick corvette/fortress or Jazz bass models
- must be reasonably light weight and not too fancy looking (please no bright blue, red, yellow,purple, or gold/sparkle basses.. that's not my style :p )

I don't have the budget to ad cash to the trade ,so i'm looking for a trade for a bass of similar value ideally.
I'd prefer a trade over a sale as i'll probably loose a lot of money on a bass as new as this, but reasonable offers will be considered.

Allright it's picture time! :-)



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ps: i'm based in Belgium, but i already made some good deals with people on this forum and the warwick forum before and can asure safe and cheap shipping for the bass if needed. ;-) (the name of my old profile here was "Bassdon", but i couldn't remember the password, so i made a new account.)

The bass is also listed on the Warwick forum, Basschat.co.uk and the Dutch counterpart Basgitaarforum.nl.

If you have any questions or have a trade proposal send me a message in German, English , Dutch or French and i will respond a.s.a.p. ;-)


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Looking for 4/5 string basses and/or Ibanez Promethean combo.


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Now withdrawn, i'm slowly starting to get used to the short scale and i like the way this is going.. :-)
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