M-Audio Black Box + Pedalboard


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Hi !

I’m selling my guitar AND bass multi effect M-AUDIO Black Box with its expression pedal controller in their original boxes with their accessories.
It’s a great tool for all musician, full of amps, effects… I’ve never used it on stage, always in my little home studio with basses and guitar.
The last firmware is updated into the BlackBox (= the reloaded version) and the pedalboard is also compatible with other material from other brand (Roland…)
I’m selling that to buy a MOTU soundcard .

Don’t hesitate to contact me to have more informations and photos of the blackbox.

Here is the english manual if you want to know what you can do with :
http://geartunes.s3.amazonaws.com/gear/owners manual/060609_BlkBox_UG_EN01.pdf

Price : 100€ insured shipping with tracking.

Features :
• multi effects for bass and electric guitar + rythmbox + tuner + usb soundcard
• 40 amp modelisation which 4 bass amps (SWR , GK, Acoustic 360…) with eqalizer, drive and tonality settings
• 121 DSP Adrenalinn effects
• programmable reverberation
• Compessor
•programmable and synchronized delay
• Midi or tap tempo synchronization of rythmbox
• 99 drum Patterns
• 99 default preset, 99 user presets
• Embedded USB audio interface (24bits / 44.1Khz

Connectivity :
•1 jack for headphones
•1 jack for instrument
•1 XLR for microphone
•2 symmetric output for mixer or monitors
•S/PDIF output 75ohms
•3 jacks for pedalpoard
•1 usb port for embedded soundcard

Accessoires :
•Cable RCA-Jack stereo
•microphone support


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