Maruszczyk Barabass combo+stand


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Selling my amazing combo, it has 2 channels, one electric and one acoustic, amazing for both double bass and electric

Power: 400Watt RMS/4Ohm

Preamp Electric Channel: Active/Passive Input, Invert Phase, Treble, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Bass, Presence, Contour, Bottom

Preamp Acoustic Channel: Mic/Jack Input, Invert Phase, Treble, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Bass

Outputs: Balanced XLR Line Out, Passive Box 8 Ohm, Tuner

Speaker: 1x12", neodym dynamic tweeter

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 50,5x39,5x38,5cm

Weight: 20 kg

Finish: red burst, matte

Includes a wooden foldable stand and cover

*for double bass players- the acoustic channel has 48v phantom power

600 pounds or 840 Euros shipped!

This is the new generation of Barabass not the old ones


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