Mike Lull 5 string JB --- 2 Stück zu verkaufen



Heute biete ich mal für einen Freund aus Dänemark zwei tolle Instrumente an.

Mike Lull Standard burgundy mist 5 --- 1.950 EUR VHB
Mike Lull Deluxe 2-tone burst 5 --- 2.350 EUR VHB

12" Radius Fingerboard
M5V: 1 7/8" Nut Width and 2 7/8 Neck Width at Body

SN 964 - Deluxe
5A Quilted Maple top on swamp ash body
Maple neck with Bird Eye maple fretboard
Seymour Duncan Basslines PU’s
Bartolini 3 band preamp passive/active switch & mid frequency switch.
Weight below 4 kg.

SN479 - Standard
Alder body with maple neck and rosewood fretboard
Seymour Duncan Basslines PU’s
Aguilar 3 band preamp passive/active switch & mid frequency switch.
4 way PU selector, instead of balance, Neck PU, Parallel, Bridge PU, Series.
Weight just above 4 kg.

Finish 8/10 condition due to a few marks/dots.
Playability & set-up 10/10.
Original ML bags included.

Instrumente sind in gepflegtem Zustand und bei dem heutigen Dollarkurs
ein richtiges Schnäppchen.

Fragen bitte an bassist@freenet.de oder m.loehndorf@web.de


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New Member
Hi Guys.
The basses belongs to me, my deutsch schreiben just isn't very good
hence while my friend Bassistist made the anzeige for me.
Leider kein tausch. I'm suffering from Tinitus, like so many other,
but it's come to a level where I need to stop playing or it will dramatically reduce my overall quality of life. And instead of just hanging these beautiful basses on a wall, I'm offering them so the can continue what they are made for, creating music to the joy of all and not just me.
Location: Esbjerg on the westcoast of Denmark, approx 1 1/2 hour from the German/Danish border.
Fell free to write Bassistist or me for additional info.
Kind Regards

Oben Unten