Noguera Expression Deluxe 5 strings


Hi There,

I'm selling this awesome bass, it was build by the French luthier Christian Noguera (http://www.noguera-b...ategories=Serie Expression&galeries=Expression Plus&photo=b3.JPG&nopage=1&ppp=6#galerie)

SHe looks like new, really mint conditions.
Body: Back Bubinga, Top Curly maple
Neck: Bubinga/wengé
Fretboard: Bubinga
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: Noguera Bubinga
Préamp: Noguera, Vol,Blend,Bass, Mid, Treble
Pickups: 2 Benedetti single coil
Weight: 4.2kg
Strings spacing 19mm
The inlays block are stickers, but can be easily removed.
1050€ Shipping includes
No Trades please

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