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Bei Fragen kann ich auf Deutsch antworten, aber so lang eine Beschreibung ist für mich zu schwierig. Also...auf Englisch:

For sale is my Roland Cube 120XL Bass Combo in excellent shape (with only a VERY VERY VERY minor, almost invisible cosmetic blemish). Used live twice, and during 2 years in my non-smoking, pet-free home practice room. I've been the only owner and user, and it's never been cranked beyond 7. It's been my go-to bedroom practice amp: you can aux-in your MP3 player, connect your headphones in the Phones-in, and practice in total silence, with maximal tone versatility.

Asking price: €450 + shipping (depends on destination, what shipping type you want, insurance, etc). To most places in Germany it's around €40. To Austria it's only €15. Pick-up in Switzerland is free. :-)

It's in excellent shape, and I guarantee perfect working condition.

This great combo features:
- 120W (loud enough for a mid-sized venue, and way too much for a small venue; perfect as monitor)
- 12" speaker + Tweeter (Coaxial, 2-way)
- Back panel: external speaker output, input pad switch, DI out with ground lift, line out, recording out/phones, up to 6 lockable switch keys for looper, effects, AUX in.

- Dimensions (h x w x d): 518 x 462 x 325 mm
- Weight: 19,7 kg
- Top panel controls: Power switch, tuner switch, PAD switch (-10 dB), comp/drive knob, COSM AMPLIFIER switch (SUPER FLAT, FLIP TOP, B MAN, T.E, BASS360, SESSION, CONCERT 810, SUPER LOW), shape switch, gain knob, master knob, memory switch, memory volume knob, EQ bass, low-mid, high-mid and treble knobs, EFX knob (chorus, poly octave), reverb knob (room and plate), delay/looper REC/PLAY/DUB switch, tap/stop switch, delay/looper knob. More details on the COSM options below:

Regarding the amp modelling, these are the tones you can easily dial-in:
- Super flat (shape-off): An original amp featuring a wide-range frequency response. This amp type provides faithful reproduction of the connected bass’s own sound. This is a great type for all kinds of connected instrument.
- Super flat (shape-on): This produces a mild tone with a fat midrange, providing a sound that is perfect for fretless basses, including fretless electric and wood acoustic basses.
- Flip-top (shape-off): Models the Ampeg B-15 (1 x 15”). This amp provided the underpinning for many of the most famous Motown hits. It features a fat sound, while the amp’s compact cabinet produces a distinct contour.
- Flip-top (shape-on): Offers more nuances of your picking expression
- B Man (shape-off): Models the Fender Bassman 100 (4 x 12”). This amp has been a favorite since the inception of electric basses. It features the sonic characteristics of tube amps, whereby increasing the distortion slightly yields a fatter sound.
- B Man (shape-on): Offers a tone with boosted midrange fatness.
- T.E. (shape-off): Models the Trace Elliot AH600SMX + 1048 (4 x 10") + 1518 (1 x 15"). This amp was used widely by rock bands in the 1980s. Its wide range, clear attack, and other features make it a great amp for all kinds of performance situations.
- T.E. (shape-on): Offers more attack.
- Bass 360 (shape-off): Models the acoustic 360 (1 x 18”). This amp was used in the ’70s not only by jazz bassists, but by funk and hard rock players as well. The tone features a warm low end with a midrange that maintains a clear contour, even with finger picking.
- Bass 360 (shape-on): Offers more nuances of your picking expression.
- Session (shape-off): Models the SWR SM-400 + Goliath (4 x 10”) + Big Ben (1 x 18”). This tweeter-equipped amp is representative of the “L.A. Sound” of the ’80s. It features a wide-range tone that balances presence in the low end with a clear, open sound.
- Session (shape-on): Offers a tight tone with a cut midrange.
- Concert 810 (shape-off): Models the Ampeg SVT + 810E (8 x 10”). This amp typifies the rock sound that relied heavily on combinations of high-output tube amp sections and large-sized cabinets. The characteristic sound is one of overwhelming low-frequency sound pressure.
- Concert 810 (shape-on): Offers extra heavy bottom sound.
- Super low (shape-off): In addition to the wide-range frequency response that SUPER FLAT offers, this original amp also provides for the reproduction of heavy, deeply resounding bass sounds. While faithfully reproducing the inherent sound of the bass you’ve connected, this also provides for deeply resounding bass sounds. Additionally, it offers a sufficient amount of clarity, so sounds don’t get buried by the low-frequency content.
- Super low (shape-on): The well-defined heavy bass sounds are boosted.

This amp is in such as-new condition, I might as well use stock photos of it:

Location: Buchs, Switzerland.

I will ship anywhere. To reduce customs issues I can ship from either Switzerland or from Austria (I live about 20min. from the Austrian post office). And for an additional €30 I will drive to Germany and ship from Lindau (it's about 50min from my place, and fuel's not free).

I may accept partial trades (interested in a POG2, pedaltrain and isolated power supply).

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