Sadowsky MV5 - verkauft

For sale is my Sadowsky MV5.
1750 EUR. Price includes bass, soft shell case and shipping within EU.

SN is M360 which dates it to 2004
All stock, no VTC. Maple board, maple neck, ash body.
Weight is cca 3.8 kgs.
It is a clean instrument with few marks and dings. You can see the headstock got some small nicks and also the body had some of the usual dents around the edges, swirls on the pickguard and marks on the backside of the body.
Also on the back of the neck the finish started to worn off at two spots, giving it a well-played feel. I don't notice it when I play.
Recently had a setup by local luthiers at Blasius Guitars and the strings are quite fresh still.
Comes with the Sadowsky braded generic semi-hard / soft shell case.

Sorry for the pics, it is almost dark when I've taken them, but am happy to retake any of them or of specific parts of the bass you'd like to see.
I could only insert one pic, but more can be found here:

I love the sound and the neck of this bass and also Roger Sadowsky is one of my all time favorite luthiers, but can not get around the string spacing and the (undersized) J body.
In my limited plaing time I always pick my Spector or Ibanez Prestige and this is left mostly unplayed.

This is not really a motivated sale as I like it having here, but also feels like it should be played and can not justify a Sadowsky having around without much playing.
So if there is not much interest at this price I'm happy to keep it.

No trades, except for these specific basses and a cab with value adjustment:
- Ibanez SR5006, SR1006, GVB36, GWB1005. No other Ibanez basses
- Spector US made 5 strings, both NT or bolt-on. 6 strings can also be an option. Can add cash for the right trade. No 4 string Spectors please.
- EBS NEO212 cab. No other EBS (or other) cabs, I'm well set in this department but could use a ligher EBS 212 cab instead of the one I have.
- edit: a Dingwall ABI or ABZ 5 would be interesting, too.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!
Hey Machine, thanks but no! I'm only interested in trading for 1750 Euros :-)
Joking aside, I have listed the only trade options I'm interested in. You have a great bass but it is no for me, sorry!

Oben Unten