Spector Euro 6LX - verkauft!


For sale is a Spector Euro 6LX
I bought it here on bassic.de last year.

This Euro 6 is all stock, 35" scale, 24 frets, EMG DC's, alder / walnut / maple wings, non-adjustable TonePump preamp.

The finish is something I'd call natural. it is not the gloss finish or the matte clear coating I had / have on my other Spectors. Very silky feeling, I wish my Euro 5 had this finish.
Condition is good, it has some marks around the pu area, but they are not really visible from even a couple of feet due to the figure of the maple top.
It has one of the best figured maple top I have ever seen for a Euro model Spector.
Price includes a generic hard shell case and shipping within the EU.

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