Tecamp M212 Classic, Sell or Trade for S212 Classic

Scott McArron

New Member
Hi guys, I have a M212 Classic that I love, but I want to downsize my rig. I'm looking for someone who is willing to trade their S212 Classic straight across. Mine is in nearly new condition and I'm looking for another very well kept cab. If possible, I'd rather not have to ship the cab. I live in Kaiserslautern and am willing to drive fairly far for the trade. It will give me the chance to see more of Germany! (I'm American)

Edit: I'm now willing to sell the M212 Classic 8ohm. 650 Euros with cover, and I'm willing to drive a few hours to deliver. The cab looks almost new, but the zipper on one side of the cover is not working. It can probably be fixed, but it's still functional as is. I'll post pics soon.
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