Trade 2 for 1: Sadowsky+Fender Precision for 5-stringer P or J type


Looking for trade for 5-strings only: Sadowsky NYC, Mike Lull, Nordy.
I offer 2 guitars:
-Sadowsky RV5 '59
-Fender Precision Special 1980. The first passive/active bass from Fender ever built. It sounds like a very fat Precision in passive mode and like very powerful Sadowsky in active mode. 30 years ago the original owner had removed the original red color from the body and incorporated jazz pickups with a switch for selecting P, J or PJ combination. The head is in original color with logo and serial number.
Links: Precision Special 1980
fender _7913_resize.JPG
Sadowsky 1 resize.jpg

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