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Up for sale is my '91 Warwick Streamer 5-string in natural oil finish.

In a nutshell:

Built in 1991, serial number C20691;
flame maple body wings (the pictures really don't do it justice);
7-piece maple/wengé neck;
wengé fingerboard;
natural oil/wax finish;
mother-of-pearl sidedots;
Bartolini soapbar pickups;
MEC preamp (pickup-pan, master volume (pull passive), bass cut/boost, treble cut/boost;
fitted with the original Schaller straplocks;
fully adjustable Warwick 3D bridge with 19mm string spacing;
Warwick Just-A-Nut nut;
Weight: ~4,89 kilograms;
'Made in West-Germany' tuners :-)

The Streamer is fully original and had a refret in 2014 using original Warwick bell-brass fretwire. The job was done by luthier Wim Heins in Sneek. The trussrod was replaced by myself with an original Warwick replacement. The original is still here and you could use it when you fit it with a couple of washers if you're manic about originality. The low cost for a replacement rod made me decide to do a drop-in replacement. NB: with these basses, the trussrod is a user-replaceable part.

If you take its age into account, the overall condition is very good. Some minor scratches here and there which are covered up mostly by the matte finish It was always well taken care of using original Warwick maintenance products. The bass is fitted with a fresh set of Elixir strings and comes with a (non-original) hardshell case.

Not really looking for trades but trade-plus-cash of a 5-string MusicMan Stingray or Pedulla MVP 5-string is something I'd consider.

Pickup is preferred but shipping is no problem even though I would never buy a bass in this price range without having played it myself. Location is Gorredijk, the Netherlands. Looking for € 1.550,00 (excluding shipping).

Please feel free to reply in German. Reading German is no problem, writing it is a whole different story :II

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Hallo HaveBlue, great bass!! Hast du auch fotos vom seite die necke, mochte gerne die Fret arbeit ansehn. Ist es neu gefrettet oder nur fret dressed? (Ich mochte gerne meine LX4 neu fretten lassen)

Gruesse, Joshua
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Hoi HaveBlue, great bass!! Heb je ook foto's van de zijkant van de nek, met oog op het gedane fret werk? Is ie geherfret of alleen gedressed? (Ik wil mijn LX 4 namelijk herfretten vandaar)

Grt, Joshua
Hi Joshua, thanks for your reply. Just answering in English so it is also clear to other readers. I mistakenly mentioned a dressing where it should say a refret, amended the opening post to reflect this. It is done in a way you may expect from a luthier like Wim Heins: immaculate. I'll add relevant pictures later today or tomorrow.
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