V/T: Warwick Streamer Pro M 5 seiter. €750 (NL)


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Hallo leute,

If it's okay I would like to do this ad in English since my german is not as good as it should be!

The bass has been used in its 17 years, so it has battlescars. The gold on the tuners has faded a bit, but everything is working perfectly.

Two singlecoils in one housing, a 2 band pre-amp and a full wengé neck make this bass growl...
Looking for something more classic though, preferably a Jazzbass. 4 or 5 string, I can dig both!
Any other offers, hit me!

With the bass comes a used but sturdy flightcase, but I prefer personal contact in the event of a sale, and won't ship in the case of a trade. I live 20 minutes below Amsterdam, and am willing to meet in the middle if it's reasonable!

Selling price: 750

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