wal mk2 5 string 1993 zu verkaufen


Hi , i got this bass in a trade about one month , amazing bass ist solid like panzer and have lots of tones, output, sustain great low b ........
but i think ist not for, me string spacing 17 mm indian rosewood , 5 pieces neck , mahogany body bird eye facings , the bass ist in great condition original and comes with his case , a little bit bit up but solid ,
only two things to tell, the position of the strap lock was change from behind the bass to the side of the horn , and got a small hit on the neck poket side , i could not make a picture about . serial number w3742
no looking for any trade but fell free to offer nice basses to my
thanks for looking .
price 3400 eu .
ich kann auch deuscth .
grüß aus münchen alexis

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